Exam Based Revision

Get a head start on your Junior or Leaving Cert Maths revision with our clear and concise notes and our visual and colourful question and solutions packs.


  • Cheat/ Reference Sheets By Topic
  • All Past Exam Paper Solutions
  • Questions and Solutions by Topic
  • Proofs and Constructions Booklets
  • Blog with Hints and Tips
  • Email Support

Past Papers

Solutions to all past papers 2010 – 2021 as well as all relevant old course solutions back to 2000. Menu system on all documents for easy navigation between questions.

Cheat Sheets

2 to 4 page summaries of all topics. Quick reference sheets for students to help when revising or tackling exam questions.

Worksheets By Topic

Questions by topic gathered from a variety of sources so that students can take control of their own revision.

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